About NMRiceMobile for the Philippines

NMRiceMobile is a mobile phone-based application of Nutrient Manager for Rice, which uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application. The fertilizer guidelines given by NMRiceMobile are consistent with the guidelines given by the Nutrient Manager for Rice web-based application (www.irri.org/nmrice/ph).

NMRiceMobile is targeted for farmers and extension workers without internet access. When internet access is available, Nutrient Manager for Rice web-based application is recommended.

With NMRiceMobile, a farmer or extension worker in the Philippines calls a toll-free number to access the Nutrient Manager for Rice. A voice prompt instructs the caller to answer questions about his/her rice field by pressing the appropriate number on the phone's keypad. After all the questions are answered, NMRiceMobile sends a text message with a field-specific nutrient management guideline for rice.

This NMRiceMobile web page is only for demonstration on how to use the mobile phone to access Nutrient Manager for Rice. It simulates the actual use of the mobile phone. This demonstration is well suited for use during training of farmers and extension workers.

The following organizations contributed to the development and pre-testing of NMRiceMobile with farmers:

The NMRiceMobile was made possible through partnership with

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For additional information, please contact:

Roland J. Buresh
International Rice Research Institute
DAPO Box 7777
Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: r.buresh@cgiar.org

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