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Nutrient Teacher for Rice is a teaching tool on nutrient management for rice. It is well suited for students and instructors of introductory courses in soil science and crop science. It can also be used by researchers desiring a rapid generic fertilizer guideline based on the scientific principles of SSNM.

Nutrient Teacher for Rice demonstrates how fertilizer guidelines are formulated for a rice crop based on information obtained from the answers to questions about the rice -growing conditions. It shows how information on season, crop establishment, variety, growth duration of rice, yield, residue management, soil fertility, and use of organic materials as sources of nutrients affects rates of fertilizer nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

Nutrient Teacher for Rice provides an introduction to suite of Nutrient Manager for Rice decision tools, each tailored for rice production in major rice-growing countries or regions. Each Nutrient Manager tool provides a field-specific fertilizer guideline based on information obtained from the response to questions about rice-growing conditions in the field.

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